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Our Swimwear sizing is based on a combination of overall measurements.

When we put the above specs together, it gives us a guideline to work with.

Please DO NOT get hung up on numbers....

We carry Swimwear styles in Sizes 36 - 48 (AUS 8 - 20) Cups B - E, which enables us to fit women who are tall, short, round, apple, twig, or whatever shape you come in. 


With our years of experience dealing with international brands, we have found German Swimwear to be comparable to the contemporary Australian Woman, which is why you'll find our Swimwear fits perfectly - however in some cases - as we are not all made the same, at Swim Style Noosa, our alterations can perform adjustments that turn a beautiful swimsuit into a piece tailor made for you. 


Equally important to consider, your hair colour, skin tone, lifestyle and activity requirements.

All these considerations point us in the right direction to offer you the most flattering style for your needs.


Let yourself think outside the box, you never know... horizontal stripes actually look fabulous! 

xx Julia

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